Woow how disapointed all the french community was when "le Comptoir" closed.

le-comptoir-new-yorkOne of the Best french cuisine of New York, period. Chef Sebastien Chamaret and Adrien Angelvy knew how to treat people and how to cook mos of all.

The bakyard was a friendly spot to chat and drink and the spirit was all about sharing and enjoying drinks and food. I had an amazing time spinning there and I (as all french people) still miss it.

And for the record they made a fake re-opening annouce on facebook for April 1st and I believed it for weeks...They definitively got me..

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Tokya (Midtown E)

tokia-2014-01A gorgeous sexy club with a delicious sushi bar and a VIP room.

The mezzanine surrounding the booth and the dance floor is really nice and cool, but the main attraction is the 360 light system and……The 3D glasses!!! insane.

Tokya (Midtown E)

40 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022





Sky room (times square)

srhome2 2The tallest rooftop in town.

Located on the 33rd and 34st floor of the Mariott Hotel Time Square, you will be amazed by its panoramic view on this 2 level rooftop, with a opening roof for the summer time.

Parties are different every weeks, nice crowd, was really nice to spin there.


Sky room (times square)

330 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

(212) 380-1195



Vinatta project (gansvoort st Meatpacking)

vinatta-project"Trust in us. We will try again or make it right” the house’s quote.

This was the younger brother of Mulberry project. same quote, same approach of the cocktail in the heart of Meatpacking, was one of my fav spot I worked in..RIP

Vinatta project (gansvoort st Meatpacking)

69 gansvoort st



Mulberry project (Little Italy)

Mulbery-project"Trust in us. We will try again or make it right” the house’s quote.

The most difficult bespoke cocktail bar to find in town, no sign from outside, only 5 stairs an a bouncer at night…then everything start, amazing cocktails, great food, and wait for it….

A gorgeous backyard almost too good to be true. I was there for a year and I got to tell every night it’s always 70% of women over there…A must see.

Mulberry project (Little Italy)

149 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

(646) 448-4536



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Who am I?

mokalicious-galery-01Started as a co-promotor of parties for the VIP club of Tours mokalicious as always been in the music and party industry since he was 15.
When the VIP began the Wake Up, learned how to be a Bartender and then Manager after a year, where finally he learned how to spin music.
Co-fondator of The Feather's crew (dj association of Tours.......6 Dj's) they rocked the city for 2 years.
After a successful first tour in NY in 2010 he took control of the new french thai restaurant in Tours as a manager, dj and artistic director for a year. After a month they raised the restaurant as the place to be in the city.

Now djing in New York, resident dj of Beaumarchais, Day&Night brunches...and it is just a begining.