Figue&olive (meatpacking district)

fig-olive01One of my favorite restaurants in meatpacking, all about mediterranean products, figue and olives for sure, tomatoes…fresh products and nice smooth cuisine. There’s a nice tasting bar and salad bar which is a really nice part of the decor.

Staff is really professional and music is really well distilled in this really enjoyable restaurant.

Figue&olive (meatpacking district)

420 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014


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Who am I?

mokalicious-galery-01Started as a co-promotor of parties for the VIP club of Tours mokalicious as always been in the music and party industry since he was 15.
When the VIP began the Wake Up, learned how to be a Bartender and then Manager after a year, where finally he learned how to spin music.
Co-fondator of The Feather's crew (dj association of Tours.......6 Dj's) they rocked the city for 2 years.
After a successful first tour in NY in 2010 he took control of the new french thai restaurant in Tours as a manager, dj and artistic director for a year. After a month they raised the restaurant as the place to be in the city.

Now djing in New York, resident dj of Beaumarchais, Day&Night brunches...and it is just a begining.