Here are a few albums, a diary of some places who were at one moment and forever in my life.

The Wake Up were where I started to work in the nightlife, dj, bartend, be a GM…when I resigned, 4 other djs and I gathered to create the “feather’s crew”, a shout out to our city and it’s famous place call PLUMEREAU (feather in english). Was such a good adventure, a lot of good energy...

The Mao was my only job between my first trip in NY and when I settled.

I learned how to be a waiter, then host, then GM. Of course I was still djing the weekend. This was the pic of my “tourangelle” career. Such a blast.

Tokya was an amazing place when we started with Luther Riggs (a friend dj) a new venue. The gig was dope, we packed the place.

Unfortunately the staff changed and the headline as well.

Beaumarchais is my home place, the is where all my best friends worked or are still working, I love this family, the first place I land to 5years ago, and I’m still spending my time over there working or chill in.

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Who am I?

mokalicious-galery-01Started as a co-promotor of parties for the VIP club of Tours mokalicious as always been in the music and party industry since he was 15.
When the VIP began the Wake Up, learned how to be a Bartender and then Manager after a year, where finally he learned how to spin music.
Co-fondator of The Feather's crew (dj association of Tours.......6 Dj's) they rocked the city for 2 years.
After a successful first tour in NY in 2010 he took control of the new french thai restaurant in Tours as a manager, dj and artistic director for a year. After a month they raised the restaurant as the place to be in the city.

Now djing in New York, resident dj of Beaumarchais, Day&Night brunches...and it is just a begining.